Advanced Vascular Access Center

Vascular access is the life line for hemodialysis patients. We are a reference center for challenging vascular access cases in the region. Professor Barıs Akin directs the Kidney Transplantation Program as well as the vascular access center that performs 60–70 access cases per month. We perform Arteriovenous(AV) Fistula, AV Graft Placement as well as revisions of these life sites. The repair of dysfunctional access and quick repair of thrombosis access to prevent a temporary catheter placement are the major concerns of our center. All patients are evaluated with Doppler Ultrasound for vessel mapping before the operation. Therefore, the best choice of a vascular access is planned before the surgery.

Blood type incompatible donation occurs when a transplant candidate receives a kidney from a living donor with a non-matching blood type. To decrease the risk of rejection of the donated organ, candidates receive specialized medical treatment before and after the transplantation. This may include removing the transplant candidate’s spleen during transplantation. A positive cross-match donation involves a living donor and a transplant candidate, who do not match, because the candidate has certain antibodies (a protein substance) that will immediately react against the donor’s cells and causes a transplant failure. Specialized medical treatment (plasmapheresis and immunsupressive drugs) are provided to prevent rejection. This type of donation is usually only considered when no other living donors match.

Prof. Dr. Barış Akın
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