First Step For Transplantation

Initial contact should be established to recieve more detail about your chances for ransplantation. After the initial contact, we will request medical reports to be sent to us. Therein after, you will be invited to our center for pre-transplant evaluation; if you are an eligible candidate for kidney transplantation, blood tests and radiological tests can be done in your home country prior to visiting our hospital.

We encourage our patients to ask for an online meeting in order to learn if they are good candidates for kidney transplantation and their donors are suitable to give a gift of life to them. Blood Group Incompatible Kidney transplantation and our Paired donation programs are the major tools to enable unsuitable couples to have a safe transplant journey. We recommend you send us the detailed medical history and medical reports so that we can guide you to plan your trip to our center.

Kidney Transplantation Turkey
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