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2021-09-06by serpilk

Florence Nightingale kidney transplant center was founded in 2005 by Prof. Dr Barış Akin after he completed his Transplant Surgery Fellowship training at Ohio State University. During this time, more than 1200 kidney transplants were performed at the center, and the success rate is comparable to Ohio State University Transplant Program, which is one of the leading transplant centers in United States. One of the most important reasons for this is that more live transplantation operations are performed and living transplantation operations are more successful in Turkey.

Another reason is the advanced surgical techniques used in our center. Florence, which has the largest series in the world on the removal of the kidney with the retroperitoneoscopic method, also carries out studies on training other centers in Turkey and surgeons in Europe. Also, the tissue Typing laboratory is a major reference center that is supporting several other transplant centers in Turkey. Therefore, Florence Nightingale kidney transplantation center is an important reference for kidney transplantation.

Success Rate belonging to Prof Dr Baris Akin

The most important feature of the Florence kidney transplant center is its high success rates. These rates have results that exactly match the success rates of advanced centers in Europe and America. The most important reason for this is not only related to the operation process, but also to evaluate the recipient and donor very well according to certain criteria before the transplantation and to reveal the risks that may occur in the future. Elimination of unsuitable kidney transplants, whose success cannot be achieved for a very long time, is also an important factor in ensuring high rates of long-term success. After the proper preparation of the patient in the center, the surgical technique using advanced technology brings a 99.9% success rate after the operation.

The next important thing is the post-operative follow-up process. Florence always keeps the patients from other cities or countries under constant control with the post-transplant follow-up program. In this way, after the transplant, a success rate of 99.9%, almost 100%, is achieved at the hospital exit. One year after the transplant operation, with a success rate of 98.7%, 98 out of a hundred transplant patients continue their lives with healthy kidneys. By the 5th year, 9 out of 10 people can continue their lives with a transplanted kidney with a rate of 91%.

An Experienced Team

Prof. Dr. Barış Akin started one of the kidney transplant centers in the first private hospital in Istanbul in 2004, and in the course of time, he has formed a team of nurses, coordinators and doctors who are experts and experienced in their branches. With the accumulation of more than 20 years of experience of Ohio University, a similar center has been formed in our country. Our kidney transplant team has demonstrated successful results with experience and tolerance.

You can reach us from everywhere around the world

Patients living outside of Turkey can also access the quality health care of Istanbul Florence Nightingale hospital with the experience of our team. Patients coming from cities other than Istanbul are hospitalized in our hospital and the necessary examinations for the preparation for the transfer are completed in a few days. They can return to their home country immediately after discharge or stay one week after the kidney transplantation. We continue our follow-up program after they return to their home countries. Patients living in another city can get detailed information before coming by contacting us through our contact numbers. Most of our foreign patients are coming from Balkan Countries especially from Bulgaria, Albania We even have patients from South America

We offer alternatives for couples who cannot donate to their loved ones; Blood Group Incompatible donation and Paired Donation (Kidney Exchange)

We connect hopeless couples who cannot have kidney transplants from their relatives and turn them into happy and healthy couples. Many couples who want to donate a kidney to their loved one but cannot donate a kidney due to lack of blood group compatibility or antigenic incompatibility to the donor, are matched with other couples through cross transplantation and achieve healthy kidney transplantation with blood group and antigenic compatibility. Our expanded list for Paired Kidney Donation enables quick match for recipient and donor couples with blood group A and B immediately. Our extended list may offer match for pairs with other blood groups in time as well. Any recipient who has a loving donor but can’t have kidney transplant from their relatives can access a healthy transplant at our clinic.

A Successful Post-Transplant Follow-up Program

The main purpose of kidney transplantation is to ensure that the transplanted kidney works for many years. We are proud of our long-term success which is depending on our kidney transplant follow-up program. The online contact always remains with our patients and they can be admitted to our hospital any time during fallow up if they need further treatment that is not possible to achieve at their home countries.  We have achieved the results of the most successful advanced centers in the World by strict fallow up protocol.

Prof. Dr. Barış Akın
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