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"We are a compassionate team that is devoted to assist the donation of the precious gift of life" Facilitation of advanced surgical techniques and accomplished post-transplant fallow up program are the keys for our success.
Barış AkinKidney Transplantation

Collaboration for incompatible couples. Hypersensitive and ABO incompatible couples ABO blood group incompatibility or pre-existing donor human leukocyte antigen(HLA) antibodies(DSA) are major barriers to living donor kidney transplantation.
How Are the Success Rates of the Kidney Transplant Center
Transplant Surgery World's biggest series in hand assisted and robotic assisted retroperito-neoscopic donor nephrectomy. Such experience requires the duty for education. Dr akin has several duties including ESOT EKITA Board vice chair and delegate of Turkey at European Union of Medical Specialist

For everyday care or life-changing care, you can count on us to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Our Approach

For everyday care or life-changing care, you can count the patient on us to keep you and loved ones safe and healthy.

During this time, more than 1200 kidney transplants were performed at the center, and the success rate is comparable to Ohio State University Transplant Program, which is one of the leading transplant centers in United States. One of the most important reasons for this is that more live transplantation operations are performed and living transplantation operations are more successful in Turkey.

Another reason is the advanced surgical techniques used in our center. Florence, which has the largest series in the world on the removal of the kidney with the retroperitoneoscopic method, also carries out studies on training other centers in Turkey and surgeons in Europe.

Turkey’s situation in kidney transplantation

World Health Organization Database

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Prof. Dr. Barış Akın
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