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Kidney Transplant In Turkey

Turkey offers many advantages to the patients, besides the modern surgery techniques and high success rates. Here are the 15 advantages of having kidney transplant in Turkey:

15 Reasons Of Why You Should Have Kidney Transplant In Turkey ?

  • Turkey has the highest living donor experience in Europe with a far difference
  • All kinds of advanced surgeries can be performed in Turkey like laparoscopic, retropeitoneoscopic and robotic surgeries
  • Patient follow up program enable transplantation for countries even don’t have enough templates to take care of transplant patients
  • The cost of the drug is cheapest in Turkey compared to other hospitals
  • Turkey invested in the health system for the last 10 years and the hospitals are offering high quality and experienced health services.
  • There is no need for a waiting period for kidney transplantation in Turkey. Kidney transplantation can be done immediately after the conditions for kidney transplantation are met.
  • Turkey has health facilities and a favorable climate for surgery. Conditions are sufficient for kidney transplant surgery in all seasons.
  • Personalized service opportunities make it a privilege to have a kidney transplant in Turkey.
  • Our program offers a package price and extended stay for the complications that does not ad to the given package cost
  • There are very well experienced teams because of performing living donor kidney transplantation in Turkey
  • Flight to Istanbul is very easy and Turkish Airlines can offer decreased ticket prices for passengers coming for health tourism. It is a benefit both for surgery and also for follow up visits
  • Turkey is also offering better hotels and cheaper costs to stay after and before transplantation.
  • Ask before coming to Turkey so that we can assist you with cost-benefit stay and other items during your trip to our team.
  • There are incredible touristic places to visit in Istanbul. You and your relatives will have joy during your health trip
  • Has one of the most advanced tissue typing lab that can enable high sensitized transplantation and a few incompatible transplantations

Today most frequent transplantation surgery is kidney transplantation. It is done by using similar techniques everywhere in the World. It is a very common and secure treatment method. In respect to 20 years, the after-surgery working/living success rate increased from 50% to 98%. Turkey offers many advantages to the patients, besides the modern surgery techniques and high success rates.


Prof. Dr. Barış Akın
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