Why Are Paired Kidney Exchanges Important?

2023-01-20by serpilk

A paired kidney exchange, also known as a “kidney swap” occurs when a living kidney donor is incompatible with the recipient, and so exchanges kidneys with another donor/recipient pair.The HLA compatibility, age and kidney functions of the donor are important considerations while finding a suitable match at our program. Paired Exchange program enables two incompatible recipients to receive healthy and compatible kidneys and decreases costs and infectious complications. More importantly offers longer graft and patient survival. Our program offers increased chance to find a match in shorter time because Turkey has one of the highest rates of living donor kidney transplantation on the world. In addition to our citizens waiting for a pair, we have several applications from other countries around the World. Our advanced tissue typing laboratory and numerous patients referred are offering a good chance for you to find the well matching couple at our paired exchange program.

Prof. Dr. Barış Akin

Prof. Dr. Barış Akın
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